Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 2 - Photo Art Friday

My how time flies.  It seems like yesterday that I did a post on the very first week of this challenge.  It's here again and I've had so much fun creating a piece of "photo" art.  I hope you'll enjoy it as well.

 Run your mouse over to see the before shot

I took this photo at a car show at Don Laughlin's Riverside Hotel and Casino.  This one was in the showroom out front.  If you went inside the casino and upstairs there were hundred more cars and motorcycles of all sizes, name it. 

Now how I came about the editing process:
  1. I cropped the image and adjusted the Bright/Contrast levels.
  2. Added a cross processing effect in GIMP.
  3. In PSP (Paint Shop Pro) I used Pixel Dust Photo Art texture Dream Overly.
  4. I flipped the texture image and used blend mode Difference @ 100%
  5. Then I merged all the layers down.
  6. I duplicated the image
  7. Created a "New Layer Group"
  8. Click on adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur at 15%
  9. Changed the blending mode to Overlay at about 93%, that's what gives it an "Orton" finish look to it.
    If you're interested in Photo Art Friday, then click on the button below.  Even if you're not, be sure to check out all the other fabulous "Photo Art" from other'll be very inspired.

    Photo Art Friday


    hannah said...

    Love that fantasia multi-coloured Chevvie you created. Would look good on the road:-)

    johanna said...

    this looks totally cooooool!! love the colors and effects!

    Bonnie said...

    Amazing! Just love what you achieved with your editing process. Thank you for sharing the steps of that process - and thank you, too, for linking up to Photo Art Friday.

    Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

    Very cool processing, Kathy. I love old cars. Did you take more photos that day? Love to see them. :)

    Pat said...

    Pretty wild-looking edit! That's a beautiful car!

    Linda/patchwork said...

    Good job! Love the car. Love the edit.
    Have a good weekend.

    Marilyn said...

    I love the processing effect here. Very surreal.

    helena said...

    Stunning - I particularly enjoyed the effect in the background where the emphasis is totally different to how we see

    louciao said...

    I think you captured the heart and soul of this snazzy Thunderbird!

    Stampmouse said...

    great edit. i love that dream texture one of my favorites