Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Texture Tuesday - Cracker Jack eDition

This weeks challenge is to use Kim Klassen's Cracker Jack texture that she graciously gave to us...Free! 

My process: blending mode Exclusion 100%
                   blending mode Color Legacy 53% 
                   blending mode Multiply 100% erasing some texture from martini glass.

I really wanted to try something a little different.  The martini is actually a Sour Apple Martini, but using the exclusion turned all the colors in the photo different, giving it a more artistic feel to it or at least that's what I think.

If your interested in Texture Tuesday or like to be inspired (like I do) by other fabulous photography then head over to Kim's blog and check them all out.


Teresa O said...

Your photo is wonderfully artistic. Love the colors.

Marilyn said...

I totally love the exclusion blend mode here. That together with the texture does wonderful things! Nice editing.

tiarastantrums said...

those drinks sound so yummy (if only I drank??)

CATHY said...

I'd like to drink this! I think it is fun to see how different the textures take to each individual photo - like on your, the crackly really showed up. Nice job!

hannah said...

Hello Kathy,
Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.
I notice you used the Exclusion blend mode. I love the way we all do something different with the textures we are given. I usually start with Difference at 33% and if that doesn't look good, try the others.
Yours is sort of hazy. I bet that works well with landscape too.

Teresa Schmid said...

Beautiful! I love the colors and the crackerjack texture works fabulous with it!

Barbara said...

This looks just wonderful! Love your processing work!