Friday, August 19, 2011

Vintage Appeal

I've seen a certain effect being used on photos lately, probably some really cool "Action" for Photoshop, they have this vintage feel and look to them.  So, I've set out to figure out how to accomplish this with my available photo editing programs.  Here's one I've done in both Paint Shop Pro and (used on same photo).

Run mouse over to see before photo

What do you think?  Am I getting close?  Any suggestions or how to's would be extremely welcomed.  Off to try more!


Evelyn said...

I dont use PSP or Piknic but in Photoshop I know you generally use a layer of Navy blue, blend mode Exclusion and a layer of medium brown, blend mode soft light. And you just adjust the opacity of the layers till you get the look you want.

Kathryn said...

i think this is just beautiful! there are so many vintage actions and presets, there's no telling what you've seen. but, this has a great feel!