Thursday, August 18, 2011

Addicted to Textures

Are you as addicted to adding textures to your photos as I am!  Wow...I look at some of my older photos that I've edited and sometimes think..."they look naked"  I still love photos without textures and any actions as well.  Speaking of "actions" another addiction I just started...sigh.  Unfortunately, I don't have Photoshop, but I do have GIMP and there are a few for that program, but I'm still learning how to apply them...more on that later.

Anyway over at Pixel Dust Photo Art, Bonnie, has offered not one but two Free textures...yes FREE.  She's asked us to be her testers to see who they work.  So here is what I came up with using her textures "Fleeting Memory" and "Silent Memory".

Be sure to click on photo to see all the details.
I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.  What do you think?  The formula I used was desaturated the original added Fleeting Memory blending mode Multiply at 94%, then Silent Memory blending mode Overlay at 59%.

Check out Bonnie's blog to see her amazing work and free textures she offers.


Matteo Taffuri said...

have a nice day

Bonnie said...

Spent, drying flowers make wonderful subjects for photographers. Love what you have done with the textures. Hope people click on your image for a larger view - it's so lovely!

Thanks so much for the links and kind words.

Evelyn S. said...

What a beautiful result! There's just something about a drying rose, too!