Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday

Wow...I can't believe how fast the week goes by.  Here it is time for another Texture Tuesday.  I didn't really head out to take any new photo for this week, since all we had to do was use one of Kim Klassen's fabulous texture to any photo.  So here is mine from a family vacation to San Diego.  We were hanging out on the beach and this seagull was getting in to everyone's bag when they'd leave...it was pretty funny.  Anyway, he looked straight at me and I took the shot.

I used Kim's newest free texture "Mayzee".  I first adjusted the photo using the bright/contrast curves.  Then I added the texture blend mode Overlay 100%, taking any texture off the bird.  I then added another layer using the same texture with Soft Light 100%.  I went to my paint brushes and used one that said distress and changed the color to match the background and added it to add some well "distress" look to it.  I also used a paint brush that was called "marbling" and added a little touch of that around the photo.


Stampmouse said...

he doesn't look so happy. lol love the picture

Evelyn said...

Lovely texture work!