Monday, June 27, 2011

Keeping cool in the grass

Every morning after I grab my cup of coffee (a must), my dog wants to go outside.  Since I live in the desert, this time of year, it's a wee warm in the mornings.  Our backyard faces east, so we get the morning sun, anyway I head out with my coffee and see that one of the Hibiscus flower hasn't quit opened up all the way and decided to take a picture.  I have so many pictures of them opened all the way.

Then as I looked around our Rose of Sharon bush had some blooms on it and decided to take a few pictures of that one as well.  This bush is right outside my kitchen window, so I love it when there's blooms on it.
I was about to head back inside when I noticed my dog lying in the shade on the grass.  I went over and sat down and casually took a few pictures.  As you'll see he's pretending to be asleep and then well I think he's getting annoyed with me in the second photo.

He has days where he likes to have his pictures taken and then days he just doesn't want to be bothered.

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