Friday, April 2, 2010

The Art of Re-Enchanting....

As  many of you already know, we specialize in polymer clay, with a focus on dark yet whimsical home decor, such as artistic apothecary bottles and MoNsTeR bOxes. But what you may not know is that most of our items are crafted from re-enchanted glass, wood and other materials.

 Patron bottle artistically embellished

What is Re-Enchanted?
The Definition of Re-Enchanted goes something like this...
To Enchant—
en-chant [en-chant]
-verb (used with object)
1. To subject to magical influence; bewitch: fairy tales about witches who enchant handsome princes and beautiful maidens.
2. To delight to a high degree: Her gaiety and wit have enchanted us all.
3. To impart a magic quality or effect to.

re [ree]
-prefix (used in this case with a verb)
To re-do: Can I have a do over?
To do again
To reuse, and this case to Recycle.

 Maple syrup bottle

In short, we re-enchant the mundane and render it magical!  
At Ametista you can choose from our ever expanding 
selection of artistic offerings  
OR you can have us custom design a piece just for you!

Re-purposed vintage trinket box 

Vintage Jewelry Box circa 1960, now artistically re-enchanted

Carrie and I try to find vintage, unique items to bring back to life in an artistic way as much as we can...recycle...upcycle...reclaim...

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