Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Tasty Thank You

So here's how we got a tasty thank you...

We shipped out an order from The Clay Shoppe to a very nice fellow Etsyan who was kind of enough to leave the following positive feedback, "Shipping was super fast & the mold was packaged very well. Unfortunately the mold arrived in two pieces (darn USPS!), so I'll have to order another soon. Thanks, ladies"!

She was happily surprised when we informed her that we would replace her order at no charge.

She was so happy in fact that she sent us the most fabulous Vegan Chocolate Chip cookies that we have ever tasted. We were so impressed with them that we had to share our story with you.

These cookies were light and delicious the chocolate chips were divine and it's just lucky that she sent us an even amount so we didn't have to fight over who would get the last cookie...lol. Even though we are very good friends it would have been ugly!

So go check out Cream Bakery and indulge your guilt free sweet tooth!

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Anonymous said...

Mmm... sounds delicious