Thursday, January 29, 2009

Etsybloggers Blog Carnival - Valentine

Valentine's Day memories...I'm going to write a little bit about the past and present day. I'm sure we all remember when we were in grade school and going out shopping for the cutest "pack" of Valentines for your class, and your mom getting upset because....well they never have the right amount in the pack, so you're having to buy more than one pack and have so many left over...LOL.

Anyway, it was always fun decorating your box or bag for the "Big" day. We carefully chose how we were going to do it and wanted to have the best looking one sitting on our desk, right? I think for me that was the most fun, but also that dreaded feeling many will I get? or will anyone give me any? and will everyone see that I only received a few, because back in our days, it wasn't mandatory that you give EVERYONE a Valentine. Well as usual, I was the girl who only got a handful of Valentines, and hardly ever did they actually have my name on them (we were always given a list of names). It was such an embarrassing time for me that during school years I came to dread Valentine's Day. I always made sure I gave everyone a Valentines card, because I knew what it felt like to be left out.

I'm just glad that now days, hopefully, are children give them out to everyone (at least I made sure mine did).

So now that I'm all grown up and went through years of therapy over those years....kidding! I still would get excited about helping my son pick out those "great" Valentines. We would usually make our own just to be different. He would get great feedback, which I guess in my own selfish way, it helped with the past. Even though, he's in Junior High, not sure how they handle that nowadays or even if he's So far no mention of buying or making any Valentines...sad, but will always treasure the great memory of being on the "mother" side of buying/making Valentines for a classroom.

As far as "special" plans with my Sweetie, we'll probably go out to eat at a nice restaurant (depending on if we get a babysitter or not). We don't usually buy each other much for that day. I tell him 'NO CANDY", I don't need it! We usually exchange cards and sometimes I get some roses as well.



Vanessa said...

Great post! Aww that is too bad that they didn't make it mandatory to give cards to the entire can be so mean!

That Creative Place said...

I never got too many valentines either. Boo hoo! I was an awkward child.

nice post!