Monday, March 11, 2013


I didn't get my post made in time for Photo Art Friday, but I still wanted to post my picture I worked on anyway.  We were to use one of her textures and make a collage or any photo art we choose.

I took 4 photos of my own along with one of Bonnie's texture (which now I can't remember exactly which one...sorry).

  I then went into Pixlr Express and chose "white ripped" to add the rip paper look.

Today, I was looking through some photos of mine that I haven't edited yet and played around with curves, filters and different modes....

Here is the original...

I just love playing around in photo editing programs, it's amazing all the things you can do...especially if you're just being creative.

I hope to see everyone at the next Photo Art Friday!

Capture Life.

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