Sunday, October 16, 2011

Scavenger Hunt 101

I joined this group on Flickr, Scavenger Hunt 101, mainly to challenge me and to push me to be more creative in my photography.  I felt like I was in a slump.  So these two photos are part of what's on the list, and since they are readily available to me (one my dog and the other my friend's cat) I figured I'd get those crossed off.

 My dog, Leggs, chillin' by the poolside soaking up some sun.

Ciaran, just waiting to have his photo taken.

There are some really cool ideas on this list, some I already have photos of, but the rules state, "it has to be photos you've taken after you joined the group"...sigh!  I have 99 more photos to take and will post them here on my blog when I do.


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