Monday, September 26, 2011

Look what's arrived...

          Mad Hatter Tea Party Vase

Beelzebird Couple Sienna and Sage

      Nightmare Before Christmas - Mini Jack Skelley Snowman

My other creative side is well some would say "a little on the dark side".  I'm in business with a fabulous creative friend and we try to, for the most part, recycle items in our creations.  For instance, the mini Jack Skelley's are made from a string of lights that went bad and the Mad Hatter Tea Party Vase, is three vintage silver pieces from a mixed match tea set (2 sugar bowls and one creamer).  We had the bottoms drilled out of the top two and fused them all together to make this one of a kind vase...well we might make more if we find the right pieces.

I just wanted to share some of the other things I do.  I also take all the photos for our business and Carrie edits them.

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