Sunday, August 29, 2010

Coming soon to Ametista Dark Decor....

At one the town's square teemed with life,
The second chime brought roil and strife,
When three rang forth the bell tower shook,
At four o'clock the devil cooked,
Five saw ashes cloud the light,
Six, the moon shone black as night,
The witch's cat shrieked loud at seven,
At eight dripped blooded rains from heaven,
Nine o'clock brings ghoulish cries,
And ten sees children's bulging eyes,
Eleven curses scour the fields,
When midnight chimes death's harvest yields,
Which leads us to the 13th hour,
Best go inside, the scene is dour!
By David Braybrooke

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Brenda LaBell said...

I saw this in the Halloween Artist Guild and I love it!! Where did your tea sets go? I haven't seen them anywhere. Thank you so much for the happy dance you made my day!! I so enjoy your visits you always make me smile, thank you!! So what else do you and Carrie have up your sleeves or on the drawing board, can't wait to see!!

Hope your having a wonderful week!!
((Big Hugs))