Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Learning is fun....

...that is if Megan of Etsy's FFTF&B has anything to do with it. Megan's shop, "From Fragments To Furniture & Beyond"  is a shop for kids of all ages. She specializes in fun educational toys with special needs kids in mind and creates fun ways to encourage speech, motor skills and sensory stimulation. She also makes things for kids in general and those who are a kid at heart.

We are especially pleased to show of her latest project, these colorful numbered dominoes, not only because Megan is a fellow Handmade In Vegas Team member but because she commissioned a custom domino mold from our Clay Shoppe to craft these little lovelies.

 Her entire store is an explosion of color and excitement and well worth checking out. 

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Anitra Cameron said...

Those are so cool! I can see how a child would enjoy playing with them and not even realize s/he was learning, too.

I'm on a mission: Meet as many etsy bloggers as I can! Sooo...Nice to meet you, and I'll be back!