Monday, June 7, 2010

Hanging out in the backyard

Yesterday morning I was sitting in the backyard watching these two young birds hopping around.  They were just adorable, the mom was keeping a close eye on them from a safe distance. 

These two little ones where just so cute, but a little scared too.  We have a water bowl outside for our dog (he was inside during all this) and they so wanted to hop over to that bowl and get a drink of water, but settled for the water in the grass.

Here is one of them running and flapping his little wings.  I felt bad because I think I was scaring them, even though I wasn't that close.  I could here the mother talking to them and them talking back, it was the sweetest thing.
Momma bird flew to a different spot, but still keeping a close eye on her wee ones.

Nature is so beautiful, especially when you take the time to truly see it and enjoy it.  Our backyard seems to be a haven for birds, not exactly sure why, but they do seem to come to our yard a lot, maybe because we have a pool that has a dam wall between the jacuzzi and pool.  They love taking a bath on that wall, or cooling off in this summer heat.

I just wanted to share.

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Brenda LaBell said...

Such beautiful birds and pictures!! I love gazing at all of the beauty of nature at this time of year and it goes by so fast, sigh. Glad your getting to enjoy some it and boy I could have used that pool the last two weeks!! The heat and humidity have finally broken here and I am enjoying the 70 degree days, my kinda weather, whooo hooo.