Sunday, May 2, 2010

Awwww.....Thanks Brenda LaBell of Wicked Wool Gathering

Wow!  It's always wonderful to receive an award from a  fellow artisan.

When I saw that Brenda (Wicked Wool Gathering) handed this award to me, I was very humbled and honored that she thought of me.  We've only recently met here in cyber-world during the One World One Heart event and have become instant friends.  I would like to quote from her words that touched my heart..."So remember that it is important to leave a grin, a smile, a laugh, a gentle hug, words of encouragement or a simple hey I've been thinking of you", with everyone you meet and remember to not be quick to judge as it  really does make a difference in each of our lives.  As the old saying goes, you don't know why a person is the way they are until you've walked a mile in their shoes".

This award and Brenda's words came at a very pivotal time in my life.  So I'd like to say "Thank You" for reminding me that we're all in this together and for being such a beautiful friend.

So I'd like to pass this award on to a good friend, Suzanne Colucci of Belandaria Designs and my business partner who encourages me every day Carrie of Ametista. 

Thanks ladies I wouldn't be who or where I'm at if it weren't for you!

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Brenda LaBell said...

Thank you Kathy for your kind words!! You are so deserving of this award, spiritually and creatively!! I'm so sorry to hear that things have been a bit tough lately, sigh. Sending you big hugs, postitive energy and a some chocolate for better days ahead. Your a driving force in my life, thank you!!!