Sunday, March 14, 2010

March - EtsyBloggers Featured artist is...

Vicki of Dizzy Dragonflies

Vicki is a very busy woman indeed.  She manages two Etsy shops Dizzy Dragonflies and Knitting Dragonflies.  She's been a longtime knitter.

Vicki loves to be creative that she recently discovered spinning and roving.

But she didn't stop there, she started hand dyeing yarn...which she has some very beautiful dyed yarn.

I love these colors!

Here is more of her dyed yarn....just gorgeous.

Here are a couple of other places you can visit Vicki and her work at:
Vicki's Plurk:

Vicki's Flickr:

And last but not least Ravelry:

A quote from Vicki..."Remember buy handmade"!

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Brenda LaBell said...

OM, look at that beautiful yarn, lol, ooops I do so love yarn!! Kathy thank you for sharing this with us, Im off to visit her!!

Sorry I'm late, have the grand kiddos on the weekend, so I have to play catch up on Mondays, sorry!!