Thursday, March 11, 2010 of our MoNsTeR bOxEs made a treasury!

Mystical, Magical and Enchanted...

The MoNsTeR bOx of Madame de Strange 

has been included in this 
marvelously magical Etsy 

We're the one on the bottom right hand corner...LOL!

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Brenda LaBell said...

Ohhh yeah, love your Monster Boxes they are always so cool!! Congrats!!! Hope it brings lots of sales your way!!

I also want to let you know
I am so so sorry to hear about your father and the timing of such a great loss in your life. I'm glad that my words have brought some comfort during your time sorrow. As you know my mother passed away at the age of 54, five years later I loss my father at the age of 61, it is truly heartbreaking, my heart and tears go out to you. ((Big Hugs my dear friend))

((and More HUGS))