Friday, February 26, 2010

Another item I won....

These beautiful photographs came from Jessie of  Actually her son is the one who took them and you can click here to see more of his amazing photography.

You can also see more of Jessie's creations in her shop  She's now offering a line of digitally collage greeting cards, which she affectionately refers to as "Snarkalicous Greetings".  They are pretty funny too!

Here are the photos I won...

Some are taken in New Orleans
and a couple are taken
in Gulf Shores, AL.

Thanks Jessie!


Jessie said...

What a wonderful surprise!! I'm so glad you are happy with the photos. I think they are pretty fabulous totally unbiased opinion as the mother of the photographer!

Hope you'll stop by my blog again! I've had such fun browsing around in yours.

katrinna louise said...

Those are absolutely lovely photos! Congrats on the nice win.

I've also nominated you for a Sunshine Blog Award, you can pick it up over on my blog here:

You've got an awesome, and entertaining blog!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful new blog Kathy! I love it!