Monday, January 11, 2010

January 15 - Blog Carnival

In 2010, Carrie and I are working on our marketing strategies, getting a little more organized and creating....creating....creating.  We're talking about revamping our jewelry line by designing our own line of pendants made from PMC and Copper. Also be sure to check in on our Yoga Fairy shop, we will be changing the wings on our adorable little fairies, we're very excited about that too. We have a lot of ideas for this year that are still in the talk phases, but will soon be put in to action.

We hope to accomplish twice as much as we did last year.   We want to do more craft shows and we're looking forward to being a part of the Renaissance Festival again this year.  We learned a lot from last year and will be doing things a little bit differently on how we'll be setting up our booth.  We're taking other vendors advice and just things we realized would've been better and we should have a spectacular booth...not that our other booth wasn't awesome because we did get a lot of people telling us they loved our booth. 

Overall, we'll be concentrating on organization, creating, networking and helping out wherever we can.

We hope that each and everyone has a prosperous New Year and keep creating!

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Brenda LaBell said...

I can't wait to see everything!!! Love all of your goodies!!

I convo'd you on Etsy, don't know if you got it with my email address. Sorry, I have been sick for two weeks, feeling better finally.