Tuesday, June 30, 2009

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I decided to feature a few artist that give to their special "causes" this time. We hear and see so much bad that's happening around the world, that sometimes we forget about the ones who are doing good things.

So I want to share some good news....First, AvantDesigns, Lauren started out designing and making jewelry for her own personal enjoyment and then developed it into a way for her to share her artistic creations with everyone. She has a gorgeous necklace that is handmade from recycled paper by women in Africa. She purchased these beads from a non-profit organization called "Bead for Life". These women live with HIV/AIDS as well as refugees displaced by a devastating civil war in northern Uganda. By Lauren purchasing these beads she help join the "Bead Circle" by people connecting around the world to eradicate proverty one bead at a time. Below is her artistic offering she made from "Bead of Life".

My next artist of choice is PurrPrints. This artists loves cats and ink. She uses a combination of hand-drawn, digital and print techniques. Shhh....not all her artwork is of cat's so be sure to check out her section "art without cats"...LOL...Each of her prints are signed and dated on the back or front (your choice). She even makes her own bend-proof packaging by reusing materials whenever possible. So not only does she help safe our planet, she also donates 5% of each of her art prints to a local NO-KILL Animal shelter, "Shamrock".

Hypnocat Print 5x5

My next featured artists is Lazy Dayz, her cause is "Breast Cancer Awareness". Unfortunately, this desease has probably affected each and everyone of us one way or another. But the reason why I chose this artist is because of her "symbol" she designed for the cause. I just thought it was very unique and just artistically designed. She talks about how she came about designing this piece in her shop. For sure it will definitely open the doors for converstaions. She donates 20% of sales, not profit, of this item to "Breast Cancer Non Profit Organizations".

Breast Cancer Boob Bomb

Noah Baby Boutique, She is an ex-retail clothing manager, who has decided to change her life's path and become a stay at home mother. She started sewing as a hobby to help fill that created void, has now became not only a passion, but a new career path.

She makes everything with the utmost care to quality of material and craftsmanship. Being a Military wife...it was with great honor that she created this 3 piece Burp Cloth Set to help a very special charity, "Snowball Express". This charity started in early 2006 with a simple idea; Provide hope and new memories to the children of military fallen Heroes, who have died while on active duty since 9/11.

She donates 100% of the proceeds.

Burp Cloths for a Cause

My next artist is The Clay Shoppe by Ametista...well that's one our businesses....LOL! Our cause is "Autisim Awareness", this is a cause that hits very close to home for my business partner and well me too because I have grown to love her children. This is a set of 3 puzzle piece charm mold, proceeds are donated to Autism Speaks.

Autism Awareness Puzzle Charm

There are so many artist on etsy and the internet that have all sorts of causes that they donate to and are invovled in. I'd like to say "Thanks" to all who have such a big heart.

Happy Shopping!

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PurrPrints said...

Cool shops all the way around--thanks so much for including mine in among them :)