Friday, June 5, 2009

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Plans for the Summertime!

My son is officially out of school now and he's already complaining about being bored....LOL. I told him there's a big list of chores coming his way, so there is no way he'll be bored. He didn't seem to like that much...LOL. But he has a few things he needs to pay off!

On a better note...we have a few trips planned this summer. First we will be heading over to Morro Bay, CA. for our cousin's son's High school graduation party! Congrats Garrett! I can't wait for this trip...I love going to the ocean. I miss the ocean. It's also a lot cooler this time of year around there.

A beach close to Morro Bay!

Then we'll be heading to Bass Lake, CA. which has always been a tradition for us. We try to make it there every year if not every other year. The boys went last year, but this year it will just be us up there! It's so relaxing and the lake is very refreshing too. Our dog Leggs loves to swim in the lake. He tries to chase the's pretty funny to watch.

Our final trip will be to Santa Cruz, CA. We'll be meeting up with some friends and hanging out at a beach house...well technically it's not exactly on the beach, but within walking distance to the beach (private at that). This will be nice too! I love to shop in new places...LOl!

In between all the vacations I will be creating new apothecary bottles and "monster" boxes for our etsy store and hopefully doing a few shows here and there.

I wish all a happy, fun and safe Summer!

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