Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break...Ahhhh!

I love this time of the year...the flowers are starting to bloom, the air is just right (especially here in the desert), and well my son is out for a whole week!

To me it's a time to totally relax, not having to get up at a scheduled time, fixing his lunch and no HOMEWORK! Wooo....Hooo...I think I'm more excited than my son

It's also my son's birthday. He'll be 12! Yes starting the "pre-teen" years...not sure I'm ready for that, but hey we all have to go through them don't we.

We're heading off to San Diego for part of his birthday week extravaganza to the "Wild Animal Park", I'm so looking forward to getting away and seeing all the cool animals. I'm even more excited because now I'll get to use my really awesome camera to take some really cool pictures...I will share them when I get back.

So "Happy Easter" to all....don't forget how many eggs you hid, especially the real ones!

Ciao Bellas!

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