Friday, April 17, 2009

San Diego - Wild Animal Park Vacation

Our family went down to San Diego (officially Escondido), California to visit the Wild Animal Park for Spring Break. Let me just say one word about the park..."Awesome". It's 14,000 acres of just beautiful foliage, animals, and lots of artistic ironworks, murals, and shops.

Initially, I wanted to do the "Savanna Safari Africa", it's a 50 minute ride aboard a 10 person safari cart for an up close personal look at the animals. You get to feed the giraffes! But the tickets were a little steep for our budget at the time. So we did the most economy version (which was still great), you got to ride a tram around part of the park and hear about all the animals (photo stops) and see most of their habitats. It was very beautiful and educational. Also you were able to just walk around the whole park and take in all its beauty.

We were there from 11:00am til closing at 7:00pm. It takes all day to see it all.

We were fortunate enough to have visited right after the births of a "cheetah" and an "elephant". They were so cute! Can you believe that baby elephant wasn't even a month old! Amazing!

The gorillas were a riot what fun it was watching them.

All the animals are in their own natural habitat. Each one keeps their instincts by way of smelling the other animals throughout the park. Like I said it's really cool and very informative.

I would highly recommend taking your family to this gorgeous vacation spot.

Our hotel we stayed in was awesome as well...Harrah's Rincon. The pool was just gorgeous and heated which was great. The people and staff were nice too. We were only about 20 miles from the Wild Animal Park as well.

We wanted to spend one day at the beach, but it rained on that day....shucks...I miss the ocean.

I hope you enjoy just some of the pictures I took while we were there. If anyone else has been there I'd love to hear what you thought of the place too!

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