Monday, April 20, 2009

Favorite Artist of the day is....

Black Cherry and Purple Batik Cami Tank Top

What can I say about this shop.....Wow...So very cool...absolutely beautiful.

Victoria is passionate about batik art and the natural environment. It is reflected in her unusual designs and the traditional method she uses to produce each beautiful and artistic piece of clothing. She enjoys the challenge of working with such a unique and natural element. She discovered approximately two decades ago the simplicity and beauty of ultra-basic batik materials and its respect to the earth and nature.

Victoria has chosen to keep her business small to ensure that her tradition of freestyle designs, dye baths, the hanging and drying and the chemical-free cleaning process is in each piece. Her process is to secure the dye to the fabric which almost completely eliminates any "bleeding" or fading for years to come of regular wash and wear.

You will find in her shop tops, dresses, yoga inspired pants, clothing for children, hoodies and dresses. She offers a variety of colors and her artistic designs on each piece.

BatikWalla uses only pure and unprocessed beeswax obtained from local bee keeper as the key painting resist for batik.

Spring is here and Summer is on it's way. Why not stop by her shop at and pick something out for yourself. You know you deserve it!

Mystic Morning Sunrise Batik Hemp Blend Dress

Save our Planet!

Peach Sunrise Batik V-Neck Dress

Happy Shopping!

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