Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Favorite Artist of the Day...Red Whisper Studio

RedWhisper Studio was one of the first etsy artisans that we made as a favorite in our shop. It consists of the talents and enterprise of two people – South African born artist Liza Paizis and her Australian partner John Robson. They are so very talented. Their art consists of Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Japonisme, Expressionism and Symbolism.

In their shop you will find an array of items to buy in different mediums like watercolor, pastels, etchings, pewter and so much more.

One of the items that really captured my eye is her watercolor paintings. The soft but vibrant colors that she uses. "Tree Spirits Fantasy Art Print" is just one of my favorite.

It expresses the powerful love that connects two people, like two trees growing together.
If you look closely you will see that they have delicate faerie wings dissolving into the green around them. I love trees and fairies and this print represents both.

It's an amazing piece of art, as is all of theirs.

As mentioned above you can purchase their beautiful, fantasy style art in many different type of items such as prints, t-shirts, totes, pocket mirrors (see mermaid picture), magnets and more.

They also make their own jewelry. They cast in lead-free pewter from their original wax carvings for a one of a kind piece. Like this graceful dragonfly brooch.

So if you are looking for that unique, artistic flare, art nouveau or deco item for yourself or someone else, this would be the shop to check out.

Happy Shopping everyone!

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