Friday, March 13, 2009

EtsyBloggers Team "Spring" Blog Carnival

I've decided to blog about Spring. I love the springtime, because it's not to cold and not to hot (especially if you live in Las Vegas). Spring is usually pretty short lived around here, so you'd better enjoy it before it goes away.

I look forward to the grass being green again and all the flowers blooming in the yards. I so enjoy taking pictures of flowers. I know you're probably wondering what kind of flowers grow in the desert, but they do. Our Bird of Paradise's are blooming right now and they are really beautiful flowers.

There are a some downsides to Spring as well....Allergies! Well I don't necessarily have a problem with them, but my son does. It does make it a little hard for him with all the pollen in the air. Springtime also brings the "winds" to Las Vegas, and they can get a little annoying as well.

So Cheers to Spring!

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