Saturday, March 21, 2009

Blog Carnival for Etsybloggers Team

This week we had a choice to choose between quite a few different items. It seems that March is a month of: * Irish American Month, * Music in Our Schools Month, * National Craft Month, * National Frozen Food Month, * National Irish American Heritage Month- designated by Congress in 1995, * National Nutrition Month, * National Peanut Month, * National Women's History Month, * Poetry Month, * Red Cross Month and * Social Workers Month.

WOW! I never knew. I've decided to touch a little bit on a few of them that mean a something to me, not that they aren't all worthy to blog about.

First, "Music in Our Schools", it's such a shame that our schools do not see or feel the need to make this a bigger priority. It's been proven that "music" helps with academics. I for one was in the band and played the clarinet. Prior to that, I will admit, I was a terrible student. But after joining in band, my grades improved and some of my concentration during class improved too. It might not be what everyone uses in their lives forever, but it does make a huge different! So here's to keeping "MUSIC" a priority in our schools!

Second, "National Women's History Month", there is so much to say on this one, but I'm going to keep it short. I'd just like to thank ALL the women whom came before me, that paved the way for me, that made voting a right, respect for working women and all the women who fought for civil rights!

Thank you....Thank you...and to all the women who are still fighting for equal pay, more funding for women health issues and so much more!

Finally, "National Craft Month", yeah on a lighter note! I've always had a love of crafts. I wish I was so talented to paint paintings like my dear friend "Laura Zollar" But I did inherit a little bit of from my mother.

I'm currently work with polymer clay
creating all kinds of things.

I still enjoy scrapbooking, drawing and one of my greatest loves is "photography".

Kudos to all the rest!


Vanessa said...

Great blog carnival post!!

storybeader said...

those were some of my favs too! {:-Deb